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Will You Be the Next Victim Of Bird Flu ?

Do The Recent Bird Flu Stories Scare You?

...They Certainly Should!

Is YOUR life at risk?

The simple answer is YES, without any shadow of a doubt YOUR life
and the the life of THOSE YOU LOVE are most definitely 100%,
unmistakably at risk!

Experts put the probability of a global influenza pandemic at
100% - an absolute certainty!

The World Health Organization predicts that up to 30% of the
world’s population will become infected...

...and 50% of those humans who become infected WILL DIE!

Will you be one of the 50%?

What Can YOU do to Survive?

The answers are waiting for you here, prepare to be
amazed and to be scared like never before:
Beat Bird Flu Naturally-
Sorry: This Website Shutdown by FDA*


How Will You and Your Loved Ones Survive The Imminent Bird Flu

Pandemic? Find out how NOW- Before it's too late- Sorry: This Website Shutdown by FDA*


* The above links now lead to a shutdown website. We will be adding a new page shortly with new products. We warned everyone years a head of time that websites informing the public of natural cures for types of flu were being attacked by Pharma and the FDA and were going to be forced to shutdown, even if the natural treatments our super effective against many infections. Our Health Freedom Rights Are Under Attack. Please notify your representative in Congress and local govt. officials of this injustice and infringement of our Constitutional rights and the First Amendment. Thanks, every little word that gets out puts pressure on the powers that be, to leave us our right to natural supplements, vitamins, minerals, etc. so we can be responsible for our own good health.

"Society just can't accept the idea that 50 percent of the population could die. And I think we have to face that possibility." - Robert G. Webster, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn. Webster is one of the world's leading infectious disease experts and is credited with being the first to discover the link between bird flu and human flu.

"It's the most dangerous influenza virus that I've ever seen." - Richard G. Webster, flu researcher at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn.

"Given the high level of global traffic, the pandemic virus may spread rapidly, leaving little or no time to prepare." - World Health Organization

"We truly feel that this present threat is likely to stretch our global systems to the point of collapse." - Dr Mike Ryan, director of epidemic and pandemic alert and response at the World Health Organization"

"Even now, there is little to no excess capacity to absorb more patients, but when pandemic flu arrives there will be a tidal wave of patients arriving in clinics and ER's nationwide. If it happens tomorrow, the system will collapse." - Dr. James A. Wilde of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Medical College of Georgia


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