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Immune System Support Products

Quotes from Three Prominent Physicians Touting the Efficacy of Micro-Particle Ionic Silver Water as Immune System Support Products


"...even tiny amounts of silver wipe out huge quantities of disease organisms in water."
Dr Charles Fox, Columbia University

"Thanks to eye opening research, silver is emerging as a wonder of modern medicine.  An antibiotic kills perhaps half-dozen different disease organisms, but silver kills some 650.  Resistant strains fail to develop...silver is the best all around germ-fighter we have."

- Dr. Harry Margraf, St. Louis, Missouri, in Science Digest, March 1978.

"I also had a patient with a severe, chronic bone infection who has an associated cancer in the wound.  He refused amputation, which would have been the treatment of choice, and insisted that I treat his infection with the silver technique.  After three months, the infection was under control, and the cancer cells in the wound appeared to have changed back to normal.  When I last heard from him, eight years after the treatment, he was still fine."
- Dr. Robert Becker - from his book Cross Currents.


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