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 "Do we need nutritional supplements? Yes! Our food has been nutritionally depleted and -

If you rely on your food alone for your total nutritional needs we are going to miss you." - Milan Packovich, M.D.


Dr. Recommended:

This Kills All Viruses, Bacteria, and Fungus Safely and Naturally


Seriously...sorry for the inconvenience. We are transitioning to our new blog system but we have left some old postings up just to give you an insight into what we are all about and what we stand for. Stay tuned... We will have a new blog page up shortly. Thanks, Mgt.



New Rare Killer Fungus Emerging - Immune System Support Products Blog

6-20-10  Rare Fungus Reported in Washington, Oregon


From 1999 through to early 2008, two hundred and sixteen people in British Columbia have been infected with C. Gatti, and eight died from complications related to it. The fungus also infects animals, such as dogs, koalas and dolphins. In 2007, the fungus appeared for the first time in the United States, in Whatcom County, Washington and in April 2010 had spread to Oregon. The most recently identified strain, designated VGIIc, is particularly virulent, having proved fatal in 19 out of 218 known victims.


Basic facts about Cryptococcus gattii:

Who gets Cryptococcus gattii cryptococcosis?

Cryptococcosis is the disease caused by the fungus Cryptococcus. Infections with C. gattii have occurred in both healthy persons without compromised immune systems and in persons with conditions affecting their immune system. A wide range of animals can also develop C. gattii cryptococcosis.

How is Cryptococcus gattii spread?

C. gattii spores appear to live in association with certain trees and the soil around trees. Humans can become infected by inhalation of airborne fungi which are spread from these sources.

C. gattii cryptococcosis is not known to be spread from person to person, animal to animal, or from animals to humans.

What are the symptoms of a infection with Cryptococcus gattii?

Infection with C. gattii may cause a pneumonia-like illness, with shortness of breath, coughing, nausea, and fever. Another common form of C. gattii infection is central nervous system infection, such as meningoencephalitis. Symptoms may include fever, headache, or a change in mental status.

How soon do symptoms of Cryptococcus gattii infection appear?

Symptoms from C. gattii infection are estimated to begin anywhere from 2-14 months after exposure.

For more information, look at the link to CDC provided with this post.

But why worry about it? All you need to kill it is natural silver water.


 URGENT ALERT: Your Access to Dietary Supplements is Being Threatened!

 3-10-10 Tell Your Senators to Stop Senate Bills S. 3002 and S. 510 Immediately! 

US Congress: The Greatest Threat To Your Health and Freedom... S. 3002, S. 510 

If you value your health, your freedom, or both, we need to remind you to express your vigorous opposition to the food fascism bills being passed off as fake food "safety" bills pending in the US Senate. There are two of them, and they are cleverly linked: S. 501 from Sen. Harkin's committee will criminalize the production of safe, local food, including from your own garden, if it is chemical free, organic, and therefore non-Codex compliant. 

We have been warning that this was coming for several years.  We wish we had been wrong.  Its dastardly companion bill, S.3002, from Sen. McCain will give the FDA what it has sought for 15 years: the legal ability to destroy your access to high potency supplements. It is bills like these which, when enacted into law, have given the FDA, USDA, EPA and other government agencies the power they are so rampantly abusing to our collective detriment and to the detriment of health AND freedom. Read about them, and take action below, once for each member of your family:


Thanks! Now send this Action item to every person you can reach asking them to take action and then pass it on in the same way.  After all, everyone eats so this is everyone's battle. We're making this issue "go viral":  that's how we turn "Push Back" into "Take Down!"


Urgently Important Health Freedom Action Alert Items -

You may remember our Open Letters to other folks in the Health Freedom Movement and the absolutely underwhelming response they received.  This time, however, it would appear that things may have shifted for the better. We hope to see, and bring you, many more such good items from other Health Freedom activists! Let this be a major Earth Shift! firmly believe that the more we work together, the easier it will be to move from Push Back to Take Down on issue after issue!  This petition is a moderately good recounting of the health freedom issues. While not exhaustive, there are a number issues enumerated here which we have brought to you previously in what we believe to be effective tactics for real change.

We don't all agree on all the items in the list, but the activists who drafted it are mostly good people and mostly allies, so we are happy to seek additional signatures to the Health Revolution Petition. While a laundry list of items of this sort may not bring about administrative, legislative or judicial changes as our far more targeted Action Items can and do, it will serve as notice to TPTB (the powers that be).  For that reason, we suggest that you sign this petition to serve yet another notice that we care - deeply - about these issues.

Health Freedom Movement turning "Push Back" into "Take Down" - And is Leading the Way, As Always.

We are pleased to report that a number of health freedom groups who are, generally, so fragmented and ineffective that they trip all over each other, are once again taking their cue from our Action Items and offering a Citizens Petition for Health Freedom. We say: "Good for them! And Good for us all!"  We believe that the Globalist agenda must die the "death of the thousand cuts" and that every opposition to it is one of those cuts. Therefore, in addition to taking our Food and Supplement Freedom Action Item,
and our urgent call to Ban ALL GMO's immediately,

Please also take this new Action Item  to sign the Health Revolution Petition, created by other members of the Health Freedom world as they followed our lead once again.  The more voices, the bigger the swell -

Other Sites in Addition That You Can Use To Send Emails To Your Congressman For Greater Effect. One for Citizens For Health, Natural Nutritional Foods Association, Alliance for Natural Health, and the American Association for Health Freedom: 

The American Association for Health Freedom has merged with the Alliance for Natural Health




Featured Videos

To understand Monsanto and the threat that it, and its Food "Safety" Bill S. 510 pose to you, and why you must take the Action Item opposing it and pass it along so many, many others can do the same, you need to watch this video about the impact of Agent Orange all these decades after the Vietnamese War.

Agent Orange Clip

and then recall that according to Monsanto, its newest version of Roundup© is comprised of 70% Agent Orange.  Sprayed on food, washed into the water and digested in our bodies, what do you think the result will be on you and yours?

If you need a reminder of why Sen. McCain's S. 3002 is such a good ploy to get nutrient restrictions matching Codex into the US, watch this video:

Codex Clip

and recall that these Nutrient Reference Values are supposed to tell consumers what they need of a particular nutrient on labels first and then they will become the maximum permissible upper level. How low are they?  Low enough to mandate under nutrition which guarantees increased chronic, deadly degenerative diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity just as we have been warning was the next step since 2005.

But just exactly what is Codex?  How does it work and what are its vulnerabilities?  Watch "Rome Codex Deconstruction"

Rome Clip


Dr. Recommended:

This Kills All Viruses, Bacteria, and Fungus Safely and Naturally


Note: Stock Up on Colloidal Ionic Nano Silver Because as of January 1st 2010 in Europe it is Now ILLEGAL thanks to the European Food Supplements Directive. Why? Because Silver is the Universal Antibiotic and would destroy a vast pharmaceutical market if enough people knew about it.

After investigation, We personally recommend this
nano silver supplement. The FDA, FTC, EPA and other government agencies are fiercely trying to make it illegal here in the USA also.


December - February : Sorry for the lack of posting. We have more posts somewhere to add later. We have been dealing with the strong arm of the FTC vs. little 'ole over the natural swine flu c*re statements.

January 25 2010 : We will post the ShakeDown letter from the FTC, [Re: Notice Of Potential Illegal Marketing Of Products Or Therapies To Prevent, Treat, Or Cure The Influenza A/H1N1 Virus Infection] shortly.

This is remnants of the current FDA, FTC, campaign to hide the proven natural c*res for flu from the General Public. Stay Tuned...                     


                        My Swine Flu Rant - Immune System Support Products Blog

11-07-09  Ask yourself this, why did the fda put a gag order on silver water, manufacturers of silver water and silver generators when the swine flu came out?

Because it works. You can always tell if something natural cures anything by following the fda's actions if they try to suppress the information and ban the substance or not.

For a cheap effective natural cure, use nano silver water for example. It kills over 650 pathogens, including little ole h1n1 swine flu virus.

I find it a disgrace that the medical industry lets 100 kids die from h1n1 swine flu when there are many natural cures out there that work. What do you think? Should the people have a right to know so they can save their loved ones lives or is it better to make the drug companies richer instead? This year alone, the pharmaceutical corporations raised their cost of drugs 9%! Does that shock you? It does me and it is just plain highway robbery in the midst of an economic recession when everyday folks are hurting.

Haven't they made enough off of the pharmaceuticals yet?

How many more unnecessary children have to die from the h1n1 swine flu?

Isn't the first rule of medicine to do no harm?

Don’t take the unsafe vaccine with dangerous chemical adjuvants and the toxin squalene. All you need is a little micro-particle ionic silver water.



It's safe and non-toxic and really works. Silver has been used over the ages throughout history as a natural cure for viruses, bacteria, and fungus infections. It has been proven time and time again to kill over 650 disease-causing illnesses. Thank goodness we have this to fall back on, that is if the Government doesn't take it away from us, when all the antibiotics become worthless and the germs are immune or resistant to drugs.

Do you think the public wants to know that their kids are dying unnecessarily and their own doctors are forbidden to let them know there are alternatives for treatment with much higher success?

Should I even go into the many young healthy pregnant women who have already died when natural cures would have saved them from the h1n1 swine flu death?

This should make everyone angry! This makes my blood boil that this kind of stuff is happening in this Country!!

Herbal Remedies - Immune System Support Products Blog

11-03-09 List demonstrating the immune system support and healing properties of some herbs.

Bilberry Fruit Extract, Vaccinium myrtillus Various microcirculatory conditions. Night blindness and poor ability to adapt to bright light. Increased support for the eyes. In World War I and II, Royal Navy Pilots spread bilberry jam on their toast to help them see better in their night flight missions.

Cascara Sagrada Aged Bark, Rhamnus purshiana - Natural remedy for constipation. Natural laxative.

Cayenne Pepper Fruit, Capsicum annuum Carminative, diaphoretic, counter-irritant. Supports cardiovascular system. Increased immune system support and enhanced circulation. Natural heart tonic.

Cranberry Fruit, Vaccinium macrocarpon Prevention of urinary tract infections.

Dong Quai Root, Angelica sinensis Various menstrual disorders. Increased sexual function in females. Support for sexual desire, stamina, and performance.

Echinacea Herb, (Purple Cone WildFlower) Echinacea purpurea As supportive therapy for colds, flu, and chronic infections of the respiratory tract. Increased immune system support.

Evening Primrose Oil, Oenothera biennis Conditions related to deficiency of essential fatty acids EFA's (e.g., chronic fatigue syndrome) and alcoholism. Great for female hormones support. EFA's and DHA, essential fatty acids, are great for hyperactivity disorders like ADHD. Increased brain support.

Feverfew Leaf, Tanacetum parthenium Treatment of migraines, fever, menstrual disorders.

Garlic Cloves, Allium sativum Reduces elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood and as a preventative measure for age dependent vascular (circulation) changes. Increased immune system support. In Medieval Times, thieves would take garlic and rub it on themselves to protect them from Bubonic Plague before they touched the victims while stealing their jewelry, money, and possessions. Natural antibiotic.

Ginger Root, Zingiber officinale Modern Use: Prevention of the nausea and vomiting of motion sickness, (sea sickness, car sickness, etc.) dyspepsia, (upset stomach) and stomach aches. Increased body warmth. Natural treatment for motion sickness.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Ginkgo biloba Memory deficits, dementia, Alzheimer's syndromes. Improvement of distance and pain-free walking in peripheral arterial occlusive disease. Vertigo (Dizziness) and tinnitus. (ringing in ears). Increased blood flow (circulation) to brain and genitals for erectile dysfunction, ED. Increased support for memory and concentration. Natural blood thinner.

Asian Ginseng Root, Panax ginseng Tonic for invigoration and fortification in times of fatigue and debility, physical or mental exhaustion, stress, inadequate resistance to infections. Increased energy support.

Siberian Ginseng Root, Eleutherococcus senticosus Tonic for invigoration and fortification in times of fatigue and debility, also during convalescence. Increased energy support. (*may increase blood pressure in certain individuals - use with caution.)

Goldenseal Root, Hydrastis canadensis Catarrhal conditions of the upper respiratory tract associated with colds and flus. Mucosal inflammations. Increased support for detoxification.

Gotu Kola Herb, Centella asiatica Improved memory. Venous insufficiency. Natural caffeine energizer. Increased alertness.

Grape Seed Extract, Vitis vinifera Microcirculatory maldistribution of blood flow. Altered capillary fragility and permeability. Anti-inflammatory. Natural food preservative. Increased immune system support. Red wine grapes contain a substance called Resveratrol, an immune system support product and natural anti-aging nutrient. Resveratrol has been in the news lately because many celebrities have started to use it for anti-aging and youthful skin rejuvenation to look healthier and younger. Also studies are being done to determine if it is a natural cure for pancreatic cancer and natural tumor shrinker for other cancers as well.

Green Tea Leaf Extract, Camellia sinensis Chemopreventative. Hypercholesterolemia. Natural energizer, natural weight loss supplement and proper weight management support and increased metabolism. Increased immune system support. Studies have shown that green tea may prevent many types of cancers. Easy way to help prevent cancer and green tea tastes great and is easy to drink everyday for optimum health and well-being.

Kava Kava Root Extract, Piper methysticum Conditions of nervous anxiety, stress, and restlessness. Natural sedative and sleep enhancer supplement. Natural tranquilizer. Sometimes called, natural valium or natural xanax.

Licorice Root, Glycyrrhiza glabra For catarrhal conditions of the upper respiratory tract and gastric/duodenal ulcers. Increased support for gastric esophageal reflux disease, GERD. Bronchitis. Adrenocorticoid insufficiency. Used to make the famous candy sticks.

Milk Thistle Seed Extract, Silybum marianum Natural cure for toxic liver damage, and for supportive treatment in chronic inflammatory liver disease and hepatic cirrhosis. Repairs and rebuilds damaged liver cells. Great for alcoholics. Increased liver support and detoxification. One of medicine's latest nutritional breakthroughs. It was once thought that the body's liver cells were permanently damaged and would stay that way, but studies have actually shown that milk thistle wildflower contains a substance called Silymarin which regenerates liver cells.

Saw Palmetto Berry Extract, Serenoa repens Urination problems in benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) stages 1 and 2. Increased prostate support.

St. John's Wort Herb Extract, Hypericum perforatum Mild to moderate depression reliever. Increased mood and overall well-being. (While taking this herb, watch sun exposure, as in some individuals it might cause a sunburn or enhance the effects of the sun's uv rays.) If you stay out of the sunlight, you have nothing to worry about if you are responsible. Like everything in Life, moderation is the key and excess leads to bad health and reduced immune system support. For example, having a couple beers a day may be beneficial, but drinking a 12 Pack of beer a day damages your liver.

Valerian Root, Valeriana officinalis Restlessness, sleeping disorders based on nervous conditions and anxiety. Increased sleep support and natural tranquilizer. Calms nerves and is a natural stress reliever.

28 Young Healthy Pregnant Women Die Needlessly From H1N1 Swine Flu And 100 Sickened - Why, When There Are Natural Cures That Kill H1N1 Easily?

October 3 2009 I just found out today that there has been 28 young healthy women that have already died from swine flu. This shocked me. Why don't these women know about the natural cures out there that kill H1N1 easily? The answer is Big Pharma and the FDA. They have kept all natural cures from the public and spread misinformation about the ones that accidentally slip by their radar.

You would think that if conventional medicine was not working for them that they would have the sense to look at alternative medicine, wouldn't you? I feel bad every time I hear of young people dying when it could be prevented and cured. It is so frustrating. I'm getting sick and tired of this important natural cures information being blocked from the public just because the powers that be want to make a buck off of their disease care system. Notice that I said disease not health care system.

Even if these people tried drugs and antibiotics and listened to their doctor at the hospital, why at the last resort, wouldn't they turn to natural medicine instead? I don't understand how these doctors sleep at night knowing they killed their patients when natural cures would have saved them and kept them alive and well. I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore! That is why I started this immune system support products blog to spread the real truth about diseases and their natural remedies. I'm flat out tired of seeing people dying needlessly when they didn't have to.

Just one 
micro-particle silver water solution as a matter of fact would have killed H1N1 flu naturally. I tell people over and over until I am blue in the face about silver and how it was proved to kill over 650 pathogens in clinical studies and has been used in the medical field for over 60 years with great success. Now a days, that natural cure information is hidden from the general public.

Why don't you try some silver water today and stop worrying about swine flu and other bacterial and viral infections? Save yourself and your loved ones to boot.

Natural Immune System Support Products are the answer! As more links are discovered, we will add them to our website. This is just one resource that is still available.

Are Doctors Lying About the Cure for Cancer?


September 27 2009

“The People” have had enough apparently!

An “insider” revealed today that the “World of Medicine” is scamming people – and even worse: with the help of “law-makers!”

It seems that “money” (as usual) has blinded doctors and medical practitioners to the degree that they are now willingly *suppressing* the truth regarding cancer – its control, management, and even its cure!

That’s right: “cure!”

And what should shock you even more:

It seems that it’s against the law to say the word “cure” when describing anything that actually cures you.

Yet it’s very much okay to say that something “treats” or helps “offset” the symptoms of some health condition or disease.

But if you say “cure” (and even including when you in fact have a real and bona fide cure for something and can even prove it!) you can get arrested.

Ever wonder why we have a “healthcare” industry and not a “healthcure” industry?

It’s simply because no one’s out to “cure” anyone because there’s little money in doing so.

Instead, keeping you sick and marginally pain-free is all anyone’s really out to do for you these days – as doing so means you being “forced” to buy all the same drugs over and over again, and again, and … (you get the point!)

Of course, if a cure came along it would mean you buy it one time, and then you’re cured – and that’s that (over and done!)

But a number of doctors, philanthropists, and just plain old “good folks” armed with “real answers” and “real solutions” are stepping up and are NOT afraid of “Uncle Big-Bully Brother!”

One courageous fellow by the name of Melford Bibens, CPT, is doing exactly this, as he’s helped many people overcome “naturally” the dreaded disease of Cancer!

Not only that, but Melford has lectured and personally helped individuals beat the disease to the point that proven sufferers have actually gotten re-diagnoses as “no longer having the disease at all!” (Something that’s pretty much always been ruled out as a possibility altogether! – and now which may even be against the law!)

But it’s not certain how long Melford will be allowed to do this because “Uncle Sambo” has actually started using “Gestapo” tactics whereby people and businesses truly offering “cures” have been raided with masked armed police who even go to the point of forcing customers in the stores to get down on the floor at gunpoint!

So, if you’re wise and want to find out about this while it’s still possible for you to do so, then just visit this link now:



But don’t be surprised if one day soon you return to find this site completely removed with a US Flag waving in its place (in the name of “freedom” no less!)

*Disclaimer: For all our doctor and health care professional friends out there, we have to add this note that not all doctors are bad, there are some progressive doctors implementing alternative medicine , complementary medicine, allopathic medicine or contemporary medicine, merged with holistic medicine and herbal medicine. Some physicians really want to reveal the natural cures for disease to you and really heal the cause of your problem instead of just covering up the symptoms with side-effect ridden highly toxic pharmaceuticals, but are threatened with losing their licenses and you won't believe this but it's true, actually having guns-drawn fda agents breaking down their door, destroying their labs, confiscating their clinical studies and research if they speak out the truth. Remember, every physician takes the Hippocratic Oath... First Do No Harm. This does however, contradict with chemotherapy, radiation, and dangerous surgery methods, but that's up for you to decide. By the way, a little tidbit of information. The success rate for chemo is a whopping 2% compared to a measly success rate of over 90% with natural treatments. 

Patrick Swayze, Why Did You Have to Die at 57 When Resveratrol Kills Pancreatic Cancer Cells from University of Florida Study?

September 14 2009 Chemo poisoned a beautiful man. This is a very sad day today. An all a round great guy and highly talented actor with an enormous kind heart has lost his battle with pancreatic cancer at 57, Patrick Swayze. I wonder if any of his 'handlers' gave him my email to read with the natural cancer cures and herbal tonic recipes inside. I guess not, because if they did, he would be alive today. Why are all these celebrities dying after chemotherapy? You have to answer that question.

Chemo should never be taken. It destroys the very immune system that your body will need to fight off the cancer. Does it make sense to kill your immune system? I don't think so. I get so frustrated because so many great people are dying and suffering at such an early age when there are so many natural cures for cancer out there. They are just being suppressed by the powers that be. It is a disgrace.

Resveratrol - Resveratrol destroys pancreatic cancer cells. It is an antioxidant from red grapes and red wine. Grape Seed Extract from red grapes is also beneficial. Rochester researchers showed for the first time that a natural antioxidant found in grape skins and red wine can help destroy pancreatic cancer cells by reaching to the cell's core energy source, or mitochondria, and crippling its function. Resveratrol interferes with the cancer tumor cells' energy source and without it, pancreatic cancer cells die. The study is published in the March edition of the journal, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology.

People we need to spread the truth. The more people who know the truth that there are natural cures for cancer and natural cancer cures, the less bullying around the Pharmaceutical Industry and the FDA can do to them. I have much more to say on this topic and will be back later to finish it. I just wanted to let you know how we feel about the whole situation.

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to his lovely wife and beautiful family. Rest in Peace, Buddy! 

"Is This the Cure for Cancer That Really Works?"
This is the Video the Pharmaceutical Industry
Doesn't Want You to Watch"

Watch this life-changing video now before it's banned forever.
Natural Cancer Cure Video 


             WARNING: Protect Your Health Freedom Now - Stop Codex Alimentarius

August 24 2009 This is a highly urgent post that I have to get out fast because our health freedom as we know it is in jeopardy. There is a bill that was sneaked through the House while everyone else was worrying about the economy that has the power to destroy all organic farms, natural products, healing herbs, nutritious fruits and even our vegetables and other health supplements.

I will give you an overview of this dire situation, but I want you to take action and flood the Congress with petitions to stop this injustice to our health freedoms. It is not what you think. I am not talking about the massive health care overhaul. I am talking about H.R. Bill 2749 and ultimately the devastating Codex Alimentarius. The one power of the WTO or World Trade Organization and they want to kill all of our healthy foods with radiation and pesticides, etc.

They want to take away all of our natural healing vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, hormones, herbs, healing fruits and vegetables so there will be "ZERO" competition to Big Pharma. This could be the end of our natural health healing freedoms as we know it and the mass influx of sickness and death and drug-ridden stench and sewage. This Bill was rammed through the House and is headed for the Senate if we do not stop it now! We must stop it now!

Well, this will be a quite long post today but it is extremely urgent and everyone who cherishes their individual health freedoms have to stand up and be counted and mass together as one power to protect natural health from becoming extinct. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Your Freedom is at stake here and there will be no turning back from the EVIL CODEX and ONE WORLD ORDER AGENDA. Without further ado. , as part of its efforts to educate Congress regarding the inestimable benefits of health care freedom of choice, has asked its hundreds of thousands of supporters, with many of your constituents, including me, among them, to alert you to our deep concerns for the protection of organic and small family farms and ranches from new legislation and regulation that is more properly applied to large-scale agricultural businesses.  The net result of this bill, and any like it, will be to industrialize the food production of the United States with near total loss of small scale, wholesome and community-based farming.  This is a loss that neither our society nor our collective health status can afford.

Our concern focuses on legislation to establish a “Food Safety Administration within the Department of Health and Human Services.” This bill is H.R. 2749 which passed the House of Representatives on July 30, 2009 despite intense opposition from the people of the United States.  The Senate will soon consider a similar bill. While we do support DIVESTING THE FDA and USDA of their often mis-used food authority, I adamantly oppose the bill which the House just passed. AS MY ELECTED SENATOR, I URGE YOU TO VOTE AGAINST THESE BILLS and any similar substitutes.

If the Senate insists upon passing these dangerous and ill-advised bills, it is urgently important that you write into these bills specific language protecting organic and small family farms and ranches as well as family and personal food production. These enterprises and all natural products, including organic and natural food products and Dietary Supplements, must be unambiguously exempted from the controls of these bills.

Such products and such farms and ranches are not part of the food safety problem. They are, in fact, the food safety system.  The problem is with mega-farms and agra business facilities.

H.R. 2749 includes a weak exemption for farmer-to-consumer or farmer-to-restaurant sales, that is not enough!

We, the health and freedom focused eaters of the United States demand that our natural and organic food products, Dietary Supplements and their producers be protected from the increased regulation of food producers provided in these pending bills and any similar enactments.

Thank you for your urgent attention to this matter. Health Freedom is Our First Freedom and I look to you to protect it for all Americans.

Addendum: Kindly accept this PETITION requesting that Congress amend the pending bills to include a specified Rule of Interpretation:


To Amend the Food Safety Modernization Act following the Adoption by the House of Representatives of HR 2749 By the Addition of the Natural and Family Food and Farming Exclusion Amendment

To:  The Members of the Senate of the United States of America:

Whereas the proposed Food Safety Administration within the Department of Health and Human Services should focus its activities on the significant public administration issues involving the capacity of large scale, industrialized agriculture to threaten public safety,

Whereas organic and natural agriculture, family farms and ranches, and natural or organic food products,
including dietary supplements are not a significant part of the food safety problem, and

Whereas Congress previously provided for an exemption for natural food dietary supplements from the increased agency authority granted by the FDA Modernization Act of 2007, through a rule of interpretation, added as section

1011 of that Act, and has on numerous occasions exempted small and family farms from the same level of regulation as has been deemed necessary in the case of industrialized agriculture,

The citizens ascribing to this Petition therefore hereby request that H.R. 2749 or any Food Safety Modernization Act be defeated, or that it, or any substitute for it be amended to exclude organic and natural agriculture, family farms and ranches, and natural or organic food products, including dietary supplements, through a rule of interpretation, as follows:

Rule of Interpretation:

“No provision of this act shall be deemed to apply (a) to any home, home-business, homestead, small farm organic or natural agricultural activity, (b) to any family farm or ranch, or (c) to any natural or organic food product, including dietary supplements regulated under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.”

We also note the language of the Fair Labor Standards Act, 29 USC sec 203 (s) (2) which provides, "(2) Any establishment that has as its only regular employees the owner thereof or the parent, spouse, child, or other member of the immediate family of such owner shall not be considered to be an enterprise engaged in commerce or in the production of goods for commerce or a part of such an enterprise..." Language such as this would be helpful to allay our concerns.

If the FDA Center for Food Safety is to be moved into a new Food Safety Agency, then Dietary Supplements, regulated as foods under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) should be included in such agency, with the proviso that such substances, as foods, are deemed safe when used as directed.

Furthermore, the ascribing citizens Petition the Congress of the United States to declare it the public policy of the United States that organic and natural agriculture, family farms and ranches, and natural or organic food products, including dietary supplements shall be at all times free from suit, vexation, trouble, penalty, or loss of their goods, for the inestimable values they confer upon the public.

I am also strongly against the Irradiation of All Foods and Supplements under the Codex Alimentariuss which the United States has already agreed to be included in the World Trade Organization Irradiation Act. If this irradiation of foods, fruits, vegetables, supplements, etc., happens along with the bill H.R. 2749, it will render all herbal supplements and herbal cancer fighting formulas WORTHLESS!

For more info watch this Physician's YouTube 5 part series Video: 

Irradiation Kills All of the health beneficial enzymes, phyto-nutrients, and immune system support compounds within whatever is subjected to high doses of radiation. Do we really want radiation sprayed on our food? I think not!

Already there is an herbalist concerned that if this Codex is implemented along with the House Bill, his cancer prevention and curing natural formulas will STOP WORKING because the natural healing substances in the food, fruits, and herbs will be DEAD! We can't allow this to happen people!

The Codex is a privately owned trade association that has hoodwinked us big time. A decade ago or so, the US signed onto the WTO (World Trade Organization) Treaty, although it wasn't done properly.

The treaty says we have to follow the Codex. The Codex says all foods...including organically grown foods...must be irradiated. The WTO has strong talons to enforce this law.

When that happens, his recipes won't work any longer. In fact, no food will produce a return of health to those who are sick.

Go start watching the 5 part video series. This is the biggest news story about your health EVER. I mean it when I say his recipes won't work...they won't!

You'll be left with radiation, chemo and surgery, which is just how the people behind this want it. But they won't work because your food will be illness producing.

This is an uphill battle...we might fail unless we make this a priority. If we do fail, you can expect the rates of illness to start increasing until it reaches a crescendo. Please pass this along to your buddy list. Our only chance is to spread the truth to all People on this Planet!

Health Freedom is a God-Given Right to All People on this Earth and it SHALL NOT BE TAKEN AWAY or millions more WILL DIE without the natural healing and disease preventative properties within these dietary and herbal supplements, fruits and vegetables, anything dosed with Radiation Poison.

Send this to all your friends, neighbors, family, and colleagues and also to radio, tv, talkshows and news stations.

This CANNOT WAIT! Thanks for your time. 

                                   One-Minute Cure For Healing Virtually All Diseases

July 4 2009  If you’re like everyone on this planet, you’ve undoubtedly been affected by disease in one way or another.  Either you have suffered from disease yourself – or someone you care about is (or has been) a victim of a devastating disease -- or maybe even *died* from it.

QUESTION:  Did you know … that there’s a simple therapy that has been *scientifically proven* to prevent and CURE virtually all diseases – from minor ones like the flu to “incurable” and life-threatening ones like cancer, AIDS and Alzheimer’s Disease? 

HINT:  This one-minute therapy, which *anyone* can easily self-administer at home, is being deliberately suppressed in the U.S. -- while more than 15,000 European doctors have been using it to heal millions of patients.

Discover this one-minute cure that they don’t want you to know about by going to:

natural one minute cure for all diseases

It's important that you learn this simple therapy as soon as you can -- before it's BANNED by enterprises, pharma-cartels and agencies whose incomes are affected by the dissemination of this information.

June 25 2009 The King of Pop is DEAD - Another Victim of Big Pharma

No matter what anyone thinks about Michael Jackson, as he was proved innocent in a court of law, and hopefully he was really innocent and it was just extortion schemes made up to get money from him.

The man could sing, act, and dance and we'll miss his musical genius. May God have mercy on his soul. But anyway, he was another victim of Big Pharma. He died from an addiction to pain killers and many prescription drugs. How many more people have to die, I ask? Michael's Dad beat him as a child and he was robbed of his childhood and forced to succeed in the music business. Thriller is the number 1 best selling album of all time. His career was twice as long as another King you might know, Elvis Aaron Presley and twice as long as the Beatles.

It is said that Michael started using pain killers after the infamous Pepsi commercial when the pyrotechnics caught his hair and head a fire. As any addict knows, they take drugs to drown out the past and horrible experiences and get physically addicted to pain killers because it allows them to feel good and forget, the best of both worlds. Well, I just thought I should say something about Michael and my thoughts and prayers go out to him, his kids, and his family at this traumatic time and loss.

I hate to admit it but I was one of the kids mimicking his moves and singing in the mirror and attempting to do the moonwalk, but failing miserably at it. His music will stand the test of time. GodSpeed.

Someone has to put an end to pharmaceuticals that kill and the corrupt people acquiring them fraudulently. Now, his beautiful kids are without a Father. Paris was heart breaking at the Eulogy. I feel sorry for her. Maybe something will be done about the scourge of killer pharma and it's many needless victims so something good can come out of this tragedy. Even Heath Ledger and Anna Nicole Smith both actors have been killed by overdose of prescription drugs and the list goes on. They are in our prayers. 

michael jackson rip king of pop

 Michael "The King of Pop" Jackson Rest in Peace  1958 - 2009 


FDA Weight Loss Supplement Hydroxycut Ban May Be Premature - Remember Ephedra?

May 18 2009 Stay tuned for my blog post. A lot of this is hype and misinformation on the FDA's part to suppress natural supplements and natural medicine. Come to find out there are a lot of stats from which the numbers have been manipulated. Ephedra is not the culprit here. Anything used wrongly can have adverse effects. If misused, the results can be fatal. As with any or all herbs and natural formulas, there are the amount used and the quality of the herbs that must be considered. Always due your due diligence and research and follow the label directions and use under the supervision of a health care professional or Master Herbalist, etc.

As more and more people begin using or abusing natural supplements, there are consequences to making the wrong decisions and if you already have a medical condition, then be careful when adding herbal supplements to the mix. Look for reputable companies that actually put the correct potency and quality in the bottle that is safe for consumption. Read all of the clinical studies done and adjust dosages and intervals given if necessary. Everyone's biochemistry is different. Some need more and some need less but in these cases there were underlying problems and the FDA is quick to jump to discredit and ban any type of healing herb. 

Always remember it's profits over patients with these guys and anything that threatens to cut into the drug companies profits, the FDA will be quick to eliminate the problem. There is a major disinformation campaign to suppress healing knowledge of herbal medicine in this Country from the Public which is crying shame and against our Founding Fathers wishes and the Constitution of the United States of America. These consumer agencies are supposed to watch out and protect the public not be strong-arms of the pharmaceutical industry. Like they say... Money Talks, right? I think it is a disgrace but what can you do other than email, fax, phone, and mail your Congressman and President so we can kick these idiots out.

Whatever happened to a Government of, by, and for the People. This applies to any party. The FDA should be protecting us, not the drug companies profit margins. Well, I am going to close because this fires me up so much. The Truth is Out There! Protect your Health Freedoms and Stand Up and Fight for Your Health rights.

                                     Hidden Anti-Cancer Blood Tonic Herbal Recipe Found

May 12 2009 Natural Herbal Blood Tonic Recipe - Prevention and Cure of the following: all cancers, liver, viral, bacterial, parasitical infections, etc. - Hidden Anti-Cancer herbal blood tonic recipe discovered. Please pass this on to anyone suffering needlessly and on their deathbed. Maybe Farrah Fawcett will get this important natural cancer cures information forwarded to her before it's too late.


It's important to print this recipe and keep it handy. The FDA has strong-armed a lot of companies to avoid making and selling "blood tonic" products which actually prevent or cure cancer. The FDA, you see, doesn't want patients curing their cancer by natural means. There's too much money involved today with the 'cancer industry' , and conventional medicine is only interested in profiting from cancer, not curing cancer. Remember the FDA's attacks on Lane Labs for selling their famous Japanese anti-cancer mushrooms supplement that actually worked! I won't mention the name here.

In my own opinion, this ancient and proven herbal recipe reveals a bonafide cure for many cancers. There are miracle ingredients in it that actually halt the growth of cancerous tumors, block the blood supply to the tumors and boosts the immune system so  the cancer destroys itself. It's literally amazing! Some herbs within the recipe stop the spreading of cancer or mestastisizing of the cancer tumors. 




3oz each of the following dried herbs:

Anise seed (pimpinella anisum)

Blue violet (viola odorata)

Burdock root (arctium lappa)

Chaparral (larrea tridentate)

Dandelion root (taraxacum officinale),

Fennel (foeniculum vulgare),

Licorice root (glycyrrhiza glabra),

Oregon grape (mahonia aquifolium),

Poke root (phytolacca Americana),

Red clover (trifolium pretense)

Yellow dock root (rumex crispus).

40 oz of Honey or Black Strap Molasses, your choice.

16 oz of Vegetable glycerin.

4 Tablespoons of Citric acid which can be found in health food stores or from herb companies on-line.

5 gallons of distilled water

Purchase the whole herb (cut root and cut leaf) instead of the powdered herb if you can. The reason for this is two-fold. First, the powder absorbs more water leaving you with less liquid; second, the powder takes longer and is harder to strain. I purchase most of my dried herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs. Their herbs are processed and handled according to strict organic standards and they will sell individual herbs in a 4oz quantity so you will not have to purchase a full pound. I am sure there are many other herb company’s and health food stores that carry the herbs you will need. Just make sure they are organic.

What cooking tools you will need:

You will also need two stainless steel or glass 20 quart pots with lids.
No Aluminum or Teflon because it leeches out into the mixture and is a toxin.

A large strainer.

A candy or water thermometer.

Cheesecloth or cotton T-shirt.

Canning Jars.

For bottling you can use regular canning jars. If using pint jars you will need about 24 – 28 jars. If using quart jars you will need about 14 jars. This is a large recipe that will provide one year worth of tonics for the cancer patient, or, if using for a preventative go together with friends or family and share it.

How to make the tonic:

Making this tonic is like canning fruit from your garden. If you can cook you can make it. It takes a few days but is well worth it. You will not find this tonic on the market because it is time intense. The cost would be prohibitive to manufacture it, yet you can make it in your home for around $3.00 a pint. This tonic stores for up to a year if placed in a dark cool closet. They key to keeping tonics fresh is to prevent them from exposure to extreme temperature fluctuations. Don’t let them freeze and don’t let them sit in temperatures above 75*.

In one pot add:

Anise seed, burdock root, chaparral, dandelion root, fennel, licorice root, oregon grape root, poke root, yellow dock root and add 3 gallons of distilled water.

Cover with lid and set on stove on warm heat overnight so that the roots can be softened for extraction.

In the morning turn up the heat and bring the water to a low simmer for about 4 hours then bring to a boil for 15-30 minutes. After boiling turn off heat and strain the liquid into a clean container by laying a layer of cheesecloth over your strainer.

In another pot add:

Blue violet, red clover and add 1.5 gallons of distilled water. Set on counter and let soak in water over night.

In the morning place the pot on the stove on warm/medium heat to steep (not boil) the herbs like you would a cup of tea. Let them steep for at least 4 hours then strain the liquid by laying a layer of cheesecloth over your strainer.

Compost the strained herbs in your garden.

Mixing the pots:

Once the liquid is strained from both pots mix it together in one of the 20 quart pots and let it simmer for about 30 minutes.

Then add

16 oz of vegetable glycerin,

40 oz of honey (or black strap molasses for those allergic to honey)

4 heaping tablespoons of citric acid

Stir and let the mixture mingle for 15 minutes or so. When ready to bottle use a candy thermometer to check the temperature of the liquid. You want the temperature between 185* - 190* to prevent any bacteria to grow in the tonics. Maintain this heat temperature throughout bottling.

While waiting for your liquid to reach the accurate bottling temperature prepare your canning jars. Sterilize jars and lids.

Once your bottles are sterilized and your herbal liquid is at the right temperature add the tonic liquid to the hot jars. Fill to ½” from top of jar and cap. Let cool overnight. Check to make sure all the jars are sealed properly then store them.

Once you open a jar of tonic for use you must Refrigerate it. The tonic will last for a month in the refrigerator once it has been opened. Sediment in the bottom of the jars is normal. Give the jar a little shake or stir to mix the sediment before taking.


About the Ingredients:

Browning’s Blended Spirits Blood Tonic contains a comprehensive blend of all-natural ingredients of herbs that are effective for blood purification and detoxification. The ingredients in this blend provide nutritive support to the body and are historically proven to provide both cleansing action and detoxification of the cells throughout the body including the lymph, lungs, liver, heart, colon and bloodstream. Many of the ingredients like burdock root, chaparral, poke root, red clover and yellow dock have been used for years to treat cancer.



Do not use if you are pregnant. Do not use if you are taking blood thinning agents like Warfarin (also known under the brand names of Coumadin, Jantoven, Marevan, and Waran).

How Much To Take:

Adult Folklore Dosage: 2 Tablespoon 2 times a day for all cancers, tumors, liver, breast, ovarian, prostate, cervical, etc., and viral and bacterial infections. In my practice I recommended that cancer patients take this tonic for at least a year and then drop to a maintenance dose of taking it once a day for another year. Some of my cancer patients continue to take it on and off throughout their life to keep their blood and lymph clear of toxins.

For cancer prevention use a bottle of this tonic every 3 months taking 1 Tablespoon 2 times a day.

Source: Recipe compliments of Leslee Dru Browning. She is a 6th generation Medical Herbalist and Nutritionist from the ancestral line of Patty Bartlett Sessions; Pioneer Mid-Wife & Herbalist. Leslee practiced Medical Herbalism and Nutritional Healing for over 25 years and specialized in Cancer Wellness along with Chronic Illness. She now devotes her career to teaching people, through her writing, about Natural Healing from An Herbal Perspective.

We can't thank her enough for her dedication to get the truth out and for her expertise in natural cancer cures and herbal medicine, thus, helping thousands of people suffering needlessly and dying daily from all types of cancer by carrying on a family tradition. - . 

Someone Please Pass These Natural Cancer Cures Along To Save Farrah Fawcett. Update: Rest in Peace Farrah.

May 10 2009 There are many cures for any type of cancer available if you know where to look because the fda, ama, mainstream drug companies and the 'cancer industry' suppress the natural cancer cure knowledge in order to make more profits. I have given you some enlightening information below. Read it and save you and your loved one's life.

Note: I hate seeing ads every day asking for donations to research for a cure, when the cures have already been found and they are natural cancer cures . The monies received seem to go to pharmaceutical companies 'research' for a cure and focus too much on making them more profits and not looking out for the consumer. As you well know, the FDA watches out for our interests, right? LOL. They are the strong-arm enforcer of the pharmaceutical corporations and go in with the power to draw guns on any one supposedly curing cancer or helping people too much that cuts into their profits and stops the masses from buying expensive prescriptions their whole life.

There have been many doctors, whom actually believe in helping the patient instead of pushing pills, that have their clinical studies confiscated, homes ransacked, and them thrown in jail. Just one off the top of my head here, Ezekiel Bread. Recipe was confiscated because people actually were losing weight naturally and not slaves to pharmaceuticals for temporary weight loss. Sorry folks, I tend to write more than expected when 'you get me started' on a subject which is dear to my heart, helping people.

I better get back to natural cancer cures so we can help beautiful, talented actress, Farrah Fawcett in her dire time of need. I really sincerely hope this message gets to her and also friendly, talented actor, Patrick Swayze in his time of need before it's too late for either of them.

For example, according to clinical research, these all cure cancer...

1. DMSO on IV drip - DMSO beats brain cancer tumors and other advanced cancers and is given intravenously or on IV drip. DMSO is short for dimethyl sulfoxide -- an organic, sulfur-rich substance found in the woody part of trees. It was first discovered by a Russian researcher back in 1866. It is also an extremely effective natural pain killer.

2. Lactoferrin - Lactoferrin beats even the deadliest leukemia cancers.

3. Kombu seaweed - Japanese kombu seaweed kills endstage super cancers. We carry a most powerful antioxidant fruit drink (search for OliViva) which contains Kombu, Olive Leaf, Pomegranate, Aloe Vera, Artctic Root and Green Tea and tastes delicious. The ORAC is unbeatable with over 8O,OOO. This is stronger than even Acai Berry, Noni and Mangosteen Fruit drinks.

4. Graviola - Brazilian Herb ten thousand times stronger than chemotherapy but safe without the painful harsh immune system destroying healthy cell destruction and horrible nausea and vomiting side effects that occur with conventional chemo treatment for cancers. (It was kept under wraps for over 70 yrs by a pharmaceutical company (I better not mention the name here...Searle) doing research in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest and they did not want it publicly known because it would decrease cancer drug profits and hurt the conventional cancer industry "treatment".)

Side Note: There are tons of potential medicinal plants there, but the land is being destroyed every day due to construction and progress of our civilization. Please support saving the Rain Forest.

5. Photoluminescence - It is already banned in the USA. It is a process similar to dialysis where blood transfusion extraction is taken from the patient and the blood sample is put under ultraviolet light and then re-transfused or infused back into the body. It worked too well against cancer, so you might have to go to Germany, Russia, or a Special Mexican Clinic for Alternative Cancer Treatments not legal in the U.S.

6. Vitamin C IV therapy - The fda is in the process of trying to ban in the USA as a cancer treatment because it works too well. Vitamin C IV drip is given intravenously to the patient to kill cancer cells within the body. Vitamin C, which is the recognized super-antioxidant, free-radical fighting vitamin. Dr Linus Pauling, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate theorized that sufficient Vitamin C would wipe out strokes, heart attacks and most forms of Cancer.

7. Full Body System Detox - Liver, blood, lymph, kidney, and colon cleansing natural flushes fight cancer. (It is hard to endure, the body goes thru some major hell trying to eliminate the toxins, parasites, heavy metals, etc. It is what is called the Herxheimer-Reaction or body detox side effects like headache, nausea, and stomach pain. It is caused by the dying bacteria releasing off toxins when dying called the die-off effect.) It is well worth it though if it gets rid of your cancer or other ailments you are suffering from daily and just want to finally have some relief and be full of energy again and live a normal healthy life.

8. Resveratrol - Resveratrol destroys pancreatic cancer cells. It is an antioxidant from red grapes and red wine. Grape Seed Extract from red grapes is also beneficial. Rochester researchers showed for the first time that a natural antioxidant found in grape skins and red wine can help destroy pancreatic cancer cells by reaching to the cell's core energy source, or mitochondria, and crippling its function. Resveratrol interferes with the cancer tumor cells' energy source and without it, pancreatic cancer cells die. The study is published in the March edition of the journal, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology.

9. Ionic Silver Water and other Micro-Partical Ionic Silver Water - Often called... "The World's Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic." Since the 1930's, silver was demonstrated and clinically tested to be effective on over 650 pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast and even in today's fight on MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) That is why there are extreme misinformation and propaganda campaigns waged and even laws being passed to hide the infection fighting properties of silver over ineffective antibiotics and decrease drug company revenue.

Super Bugs are being created that are resistant to antibiotics and have built an immunity to pharmaceuticals. Ionic Silver puts cancer cells in check. Ionic silver products are inexpensive, safe and extraordinarily effective as a dietary supplement. At just 10 particles per million (ppm) ionic silver formulations have demonstrated the ability to unravel and check rogue cancer cells in the test tube. Public reports from seven top universities, such as Medical College of Ohio and Tulane University in Louisiana, all confirmed ionic silver's powerful counter effects against human lymphoma cells, melanoma, breast, cervical and prostate carcinoma, and even osteosarcoma bone cancer cells.

10. Germanium and other Trace Minerals- (Interferon) The mineral Germanium triggers the essential production of alpha, delta and gamma interferon's within the body to fight diseases such as leukemia and cancer.

11. Garlic - DAS, DADS, and DATS -- Natural chemical compounds that kill brain cancer cells and tumors by creating chemical reactions that basically gorge the cancer tumor cells to death called cell apoptosis. Swapan Ray, Ph.D.(MUSC Neurosciences/Neurology associate professor), Naren Banik, Ph.D. (MUSC Neurosciences/Neurology professor), and Arabinda Das, Ph.D. (MUSC Neurosciences/Neurology post-doctoral fellow) studied three pure organo-sulfur compounds (DAS, DADS, and DATS) from garlic and the interaction with human glioblastoma cells. All three compounds demonstrated efficacy in eradicating brain cancer cells, but DATS proved to be the most effective. The study is published in the September issue of the American Cancer Society's journal, Cancer.

12. DIM - Anti-cancer and immune system boosting powers of DIM from broccoli and cabbage extracts. Diindolylmethane is a natural chemical compound that fights cancer and is also a great immune system support product that is natural.

13. Green Tea - Green Tea contains EGCG. EGCG ( epigallocatechin-3-P-gallate) is a natural polyphenol chemical compound found in organic green tea extract that prevents colon cancer, prostate cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer, and breast cancer. It is also used for healthy weight management.

14. Most Powerful Antioxidants - Super Antioxidants prevent cancer, sickness, obesity, degenerative diseases, destroy or neutralize dangerous free-radicals and are anti-aging. Antioxidants allow you to live longer, feel better, increase energy, and look younger and remain healthy so you can enjoy a long fun life with lots of great memories of friends, family, and your loved ones, life experiences and loving pets. If you know that antioxidants accomplish these amazing benefits, then why wouldn't you want the best most powerful antioxidants in the world? The "World's Most Powerful Antioxidant" is available on this immune system support products website right now.

Believe it or not, there are even more natural cancer cures... Learn about them on this website. 

[HEALTH ALERT] Popular Weight Loss Supplement Linked to Liver Damage

May 1st, 2009  FDA warns dieters: Stop Hydroxycut use immediately Government health officials warned dieters and body builders Friday to immediately stop using Hydroxycut, widely sold natural supplements for weight loss linked to cases of serious liver damage and at least one death.

The Food and Drug Administration said the maker of the natural supplements for weight loss has agreed to recall 14 Hydroxycut products. Available in grocery stores and pharmacies, Hydroxycut is advertised as a natural supplements for weight loss made from natural ingredients. At least 9 million packages of these natural supplements for weight loss were sold last year, the FDA said.

Dr. Linda Katz of the FDA's food and nutrition division said the agency has received 23 reports of liver problems, including the death of a 19-year-old boy living in the Southwest. The teenager died in 2007 from these natural supplements for weight loss, and the death was reported to the FDA this March. Other patients whom ingested these natural supplements for weight loss experienced symptoms ranging from jaundice, or yellowing of the skin, to liver failure. One received a transplant and another was placed on a list to await a new liver.

There was no immediate comment from the U.S. distributor of these natural supplements for weight loss, Iovate Health Sciences, headquartered near Buffalo, N.Y. Made by a Canadian company, Hydroxycut is used by people trying to shed pounds and by body builders to sharpen their muscles.

Natural supplements for weight loss aren't as tightly regulated by the government as medications. Manufacturers don't need to prove to the FDA that their natural supplements for weight loss are safe and effective before they can sell them to consumers. But regulators monitor aftermarket reports for signs of trouble, and in recent years companies have been put under stricter requirements to alert the FDA when they learn of problems.

Katz said it has taken so long to get a handle on the Hydroxycut problem because the cases of liver damage were rare and the FDA has no authority to review natural supplements for weight loss before they're marketed. "Part of the problem is that the FDA looks at dietary supplements from a post-market perspective, and an isolated incident is often difficult to follow," she said.

The FDA relies on voluntary reports to detect such problems, and many cases are never reported, officials acknowledge. Health officials said they have been unable to determine which Hydroxycut ingredients are potentially toxic, partially because the formulation of the products has changed several times. A medical journal report last month raised questions about one ingredient, hydroxycitric acid, derived from a tropical fruit. The article said it could potentially damage the liver.

FDA misinformation or fact. You decide.

Source: AP By RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR, Associated Press Writer

Killer Pig Flu Kills 250 in Mexico...Next stop USA

4-29-09 ABC World News (4/29, lead story, 2:20, Gibson) reported that the World Health Organization raised "its pandemic alert level from four to five" on Wednesday, "meaning a worldwide pandemic is imminent." ABC's McKenzie added, "The alert is being raised because the virus is now spreading more randomly, people who never went to Mexico, or came in close contact with those who did, are now getting sick." WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan was shown saying, "It really is all of humanity that is under threat during a pandemic."

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported an outbreak of swine flu. Every hour new cases are being reported across the nation and across the globe.

Don't worry though, there are natural cures for viruses, bacteria, and fungus infections. Everyone should start using Silver H2O again. Antibiotics are becoming useless and just make the strains stronger and mutate to become immune. Viruses can't become immune to Silver Water and Silver kills over 650+ pathogens and diseases including Big Bad Killer Antibiotic-Resistant MRSA and Bird Flu.

For more details on this and other natural cures enlighten yourself ...  and stop worrying there are super antioxidants, immune system support products and natural cures to discover. Silver is a ... natural swine flu killer (scroll down page to Silver Product) ... Kills Swine Flu and Bad MRSA. Stop the needless suffering and dying. Have an ebook on vinegar cures on me while you're there.


  Breaking NEWS: Swine Flu Pandemic Imminent 

ABC World News (4/25, lead story, 3:00, Muir) reported, "That new strain of swine flu that has been so deadly in Mexico is spreading quickly in this country tonight." In fact, it has spread so widely that health authorities fear it "cannot be contained," the CBS Evening News (4/25, lead story, 2:45, Glor) added. Just "within just within the last few hours, confirmed and suspected cases of the virus have been reported in four more US states," NBC Nightly News (4/25, lead story, 4:05, Holt) reported. Now, "amid fears we could be seeing the start of a pandemic, world health authorities are calling this a public health emergency of international concern." 

CDC Information of Swine Flu or H1N1 Flu and Precautions

March 5 2009

Q. What is swine flu?

A. Swine flu is a respiratory illness in pigs caused by a virus. The swine flu virus routinely causes outbreaks in pigs but doesn't usually kill many of them.

Q. Can people get swine flu?

A. Swine flu viruses don't usually infect humans. There have been occasional cases, usually among people who've had direct contact with infected pigs, such as farm workers. "We've seen swine influenza in humans over the past several years, and in most cases, it's come from direct pig contact. This seems to be different," said Dr. Arnold Monto, a flu expert with the University of Michigan.

Q. Can it spread among humans?

A. There have been cases of the virus spreading from human to human, probably in the same way as seasonal flu, through coughing and sneezing by infected people.

Q. What are the symptoms of swine flu?

A. The symptoms are similar to those of regular flu — fever, cough, fatigue, lack of appetite.

Q. Is the same swine flu virus making people sick in Mexico and the U.S.?

A. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the Mexican virus is special?

A. The CDC recommends routine precautions to prevent the spread of infectious diseases: wash your hands often, cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze, avoid close contact with sick people. If you are sick, stay at home and limit contact with others.

Q. What samples match the U.S. virus. The virus is a mix of human virus, bird virus from North America and pig viruses from North America, Europe and Asia.

Q. Are there drugs to treat swine flu in humans?

A. There are four different drugs approved in the U.S. to treat the flu, but the new virus has shown resistance to the two oldest. The CDC recommends the use of the flu drugs Tamiflu and Relenza.

Q. Does a regular flu shot protect against swine flu?

A. The seasonal flu vaccine used in the U.S. this year won't likely provide protection against the latest swine flu virus. There is a swine flu vaccine for pigs but not for humans.

Q. Should residents of California or Texas do anything about traveling to Mexico?

A. The CDC has not warned Americans against traveling to Mexico but advises that they be aware of the illnesses there and take precautions to protect against infections, like washing their hands.


Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


 Natural Swine Flu Cures Being Suppressed by FDA

March 1 2009 Latest update on swine flu and natural cures for swine flu, bird flu, and MRSA. I get mad as hell when I hear stuff like this. People, the natural cures for diseases are out there.

 Just because the FDA and BigPharma fraudulently discredit and rig scientific studies so the general public don't find out about them, doesn't mean that you can't procure some. I hate to tell you this but, MRSA is not immune to Silver H2O and it kills naturally over 650 pathogens, including bad killer MRSA, methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus.

Don't believe the lies and stop the needless dying and suffering. People rise up and demand your health freedoms.

There are natural cures, immune system support products, and most powerful antioxidants to fight disease easily and more inexpensively than pharma would have you believe. Find out how to attain Silver H2O Water and Stand Up and be counted. It's your Health Right.  


notice: due to the latest strong-arm tactics of the fda putting colloidal silver water supplements and manufacturer's of colloidal silver water generators out of business, i was forced to remove some images from this website. when the fda, as we all know in bed with the pharmaceutical companies, heard an inkling of how people were curing swine flu naturally along with other sicknesses including natural swine flu cures, they immediately ramped up their attack on small businesses and their promotions and advertising.

i presently feel the need to attach a further disclaimer and exercise a guaranteed right to free speech under the united states constitution, not united states of pharma. therefore, that disclaimer is on the legal disclaimer page but don't pay too much attention to this, by law we have to add this to natural health websites. especially now, during the swine flu pandemic or h1n1 flu which takes more of a death toll as days go by. 


British Reality T.V. Star 27 year old Jade Goody - Another Victim of Needless Cancer

February 22 2009 British reality t.v. star 27 year old Jade Goody needlessly dies within 7 months of being diagnosed with cervical cancer. 27 is way too young to die, when it can be cured and prevented in the first place with natural herbal supplements.

I never understand why a celebrity dies of cancer in this day and times anymore. They have money. They could get any alternative medicine treatment they wanted, but they just flat out have faith in their doctor and conventional medicine. Little do they know, this knowledge could have saved and even cured them of their illness and given them a lifetime longer to live and experience life to the fullest.



I absolutely hate seeing young women dying every day. I don't understand why people would want to feel like crap, get cut , get poisoned, and get burned for any cancer treatment, put up with the devastating painful physical side effects, and just die anyway being broke and penniless from the said hospital treatments, when there are many natural cures for cancer that are effective and inexpensive.

The cancer industry is cashing in on cancer victims. If you want to get cut, (surgery), poisoned, (chemo), and burned (radiation), then go ahead. Want to empower yourself and actually go on living without cancer, then research alternative medicine. People, young and older, are dying every minute suffering needlessly when natural herbal cures and most powerful antioxidants treatments will save your life.


Enlighten yourself by viewing the website... ... I can get in trouble for this, but you and everyone should know the truth about b.ig pharma, fda, ama, cancer industry disease-care system. Notice I didn't say health-care system.

Study Japanese kombu seaweed, lactoferrin, graviola, oxygen therapy, vitamin c iv, germanium mineral, photoluminescence, resveratrol, dmso on iv drip, ionic silver water, most powerful antioxidants, and more. Stand up for your health freedom and demand these natural cancer cures. You can't even put the truth on herbal supplement labels due to the fda and big pharmaceutical companies and their congressional lobbyists.

Get ready to get angry. Even if the natural cure for cancer is true and is honest with clinical studies and tests and can be proved with numerous case studies, it can't be placed on the label as any prevention, cure, treatment or diagnosis of any disease. That is why in order to stay legal there are disclaimers at bottom of websites and labels.

The overwhelming pressure of the cancer industry, ama, fda, and pharmaceutical companies and their lobbyists made that law possible, successfully hiding it from the public any natural cancer cures or antioxidants and herbal treatments that are effective against cancer and other diseases. 


For more information on British Reality T.V. Star of Big Brother 27 Year Old Jade Goody Fighting Cervical Cancer and Dying From Chemo:,2933,498145,00.html 

Brazilian Model 20 year old Mariana Bridi da Costa Dies Needlessly and Humiliated 

January 24th 2009  The World's Most Powerful Antioxidant May Have Saved Her.

I wasn't going to say anything but after I read the article, I thought it was a needless suffering of a nice woman and a total disgrace of the Brazilian medical system. Her family should definitely sue the hospital for gross negligence and derelict of duty.

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa is found in stagnant water, which caused the UTI in the first place. If the doctors correctly diagnosed her early, she'd still be alive today. People should never be humiliated by having their hands and feet amputated and part of their stomach removed, and eventually die because of a freaking urinary tract infection!

This is a total outrage and it hurts me to read about a beautiful, young, only 20 years old, greatly talented, aspiring woman and warm-hearted person, dying of a simple common bacteria. If the antibiotics weren't working, than they should have used alternative medicine and natural health cures, herbal medicine, etc.

For instance, I'll give you one cure for this bacteria. Ionic silver, which kills over 650 pathogens, can be taken internally daily. The medical system has forgotten about that since the discovery of penicillin and antibiotics around 1932. Up until then, people were using silver and even garlic.

Guess how people in the Middle Ages in Europe prevented the black plague? Right, silver utensils and garlic poultices. The Romans put silver coins in horses troughs and city aquaducts. Old West Pioneers dropped silverpieces in their barrel of milk to stop spoilage. There are so many natural cures and most powerful antioxidants capable of stopping illnesses, but the medical and pharmaceutical establishment, keeps them hidden from the public.

It's profits over patients, fear of malpractice and loss of medical licenses that deter physicians from using natural healing. The AMA and FDA threaten them with pulling their licenses, and some agents will storm down your door if you are having any type of success curing diseases with guns drawn.

Get more information about immune system support products and natural health cures at . They recently came out with an amazing health juice drink stronger than acai berry, the world's most powerful antioxidant which has an ORAC of over 80,000. They'll even give you a free vinegar cures ebook for stopping by.

My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and I hope she is living, without pain in Heaven with the Angels, peacefully enjoying blissful happiness. Something is very wrong with the health freedom, or the lack of health freedom, in today's society. She could have went to a Master Herbalist and been quickly healed naturally without side effects, surgery, and constant suffering.

Discover something natural that cures any illness effectively, and  help people whom can't afford health insurance, and the FDA break down your door, charge you with practicing medicine without a license, and confiscate the healing substance and all the scientific files and clinical testing which proves it's healing properties along with the patient case histories of numerous being cured. The FDA, AMA, etc., are in the pocket of the pharmaceutical companies and paid lobbyists.

There is a campaign of misinformation discrediting natural supplements, and also the absolute crushing of anything natural or alternative, cheap, and effective, which harms the profits of that industry. Blatant quashing of clinical studies of herbal phyto-medicine and trials of successful treatments that cure cancer, degenerative diseases, and illness continue on an ongoing basis.

I often wonder, why the medical establishment goes against their own Hippocratic Oath... "First Do No Harm." Even Hippocrates, The Father of Medicine, used silver to cure various ailments long ago.

Rest in Peace Brazilian Model Mariana Bridi da Costa. We love you. Godspeed!

For more information on Brazilian Model Mariana Bridi da Costa :


Short List of Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About 

January 1st 2009  Happy New Year! - Short List of Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About. I want to help as many people as I can. "The Truth is Out There".  Just a few off my head. The list sent to Patrick Swayze  to help him with pancreatic cancer. 

1. DMSO on IV drip - beats brain tumors, advanced cancers

2. Lactoferrin - beats deadliest leukemia

3. Kombu seaweed - kills endstage super cancers - Okinawans live 1OO+

4. Graviola - 1O,OOO times stronger than chemo but safe no side effects - from rainforest, kept under wraps for 7O yrs by Pharma

5. Photoluminescence - banned

6. Vitamin C IV therapy - trying to get banned

7. Resveratrol - destroys pancreatic cancer cells

8. Ionic Silver Water - checks cancer, kills 65O+ pathogens, even viruses

9. Germanium - a miracle mineral

10. Green Tea

11. ...and many more to add later.

There are many more natural cures for cancer and other ailments but this hot list should get your research started and your enlightment of discovering natural health cures and fuel your curiosity of what is out there that is being kept from you by certain entities in a massive global conspiracy to hide the truth and intiate misinformation campaigns to mislead the people. All because of Greed. Profits over Patients.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is an immune system support products website. Thomas J. Kopriva, MLT, founder of, helps spread the truth about natural health remedies and natural cures, immune system support products and natural supplements for weight loss, along with the most powerful antioxidants available on the Web, which enable the body to heal itself naturally. Stop by for a free vinegar cures ebook . This  article and/or press release may be copied and used on another health related news or website only, as long as the live links stay clickable and the above credits are not altered in any way and remain attached to the article and always redirect back to





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